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Kidney Failure

How to Treat Kidney Failure Except Dialysis

Kidney Failure can affect a person’s health in several ways. Some people experience fatigue, some lose their appetite, and some have leg more

Is it Really High Blood Pressure Lead to Kidney Failure

Kidneys play an important role in regulating blood pressure. In return, high blood pressure can affect normal kidney structure and lead to chronic kidney disease (CKD) and even deteriorate to kidney more

Can Kidney Failure Patient Get Off Dialysis

Can Kidney Failure patient get off dialysis after taking several months? For most of the kidney failure patients they can get a chance to get off dialysis but they cannot stop it rapidly. more

Healthy Living Style is Benefit for Kidney Failure Patients with 20% Renal Function

Patients with 20% renal function are likely to develop kidney failure soon. However,an aggressive treatment and a healthy life style can delay and even stop the disease progression. more

Kidney Failure Knowledge

Kidney Failure refers to a medical condition, in which the kidneys are unable to work adequately to filter blood and excrete wastes from body any more

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