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High_Creatinine Level

How to Help Patients Who Have High Creatinine Level Avoid Dialysis before It

How to help patients who have High Creatinine Level Avoid Dialysis before it? High creatinine level is of the most common symptoms about kidney disease. Due to it need to be reduced effectively to more

Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat for Kidney Failure and High Creatinine Level

Can Stem Cell Therapy treat for Kidney Failure and High Creatinine Level? The later development of kidney failure is uremia or ESRD. In ESRD, there will have lots of complications for kidney failure: more

GFR Means What for Patients with CKD and High Creatinine Level

GFR means what for patients with CKD and High Creatinine? GFR is refers to the unit amount of time (usually 1min) generated filtrate within two kidneys, normal adult is about 80-120ml / min. In more

Does Creatinine of 10.8 Needs Dialysis

Does ccreatinine of 10.8 needs Dialysis? High serum creatinine level as the most common symptoms of kidney disease has draw attention to people right now. There is no doubt that high creatinine level more

How to Lower High Creatinine Level in Type 1 Diabetes

High creatinine level is commonly seen among people with type 1 diabetes, especially those with a long medical history. How to lower high creatinine level in type 1 diabetes effectively? more

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