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High Creatinine

CKD with High Creatinine Is Able to Take Treatment without Dialysis At Present

In fact, patients with High Creatinine Level do not want to take dialysis is the common scene in nowadays. The mainly reason is that patients need to bear so many bad influence or side effects on more

Chinese Medicine May Help PKD with High Creatinine

My mother-in-law is a PKD patient with high creatinine, I want to know why PKD can cause so many symptoms ? And how to treat it? Is it really that Chinese medicine can treat it well for PKD patients? more

Treatment for Patients with High Creatinine and Low Potassium Levels after Dialysis Kidney Transplant

How to treat patients with Creatinine and low potassium levels after kidney transplant? Some patients had high creatinine and low potassium after kidney transplant. more

Is Celery Good for High Creatinine Patients

Creatinine is one blood test item that is ordered for estimating kidney function. Once it is higher than the normal, patients may pay more attention to their more

How to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy with High Creatinine Except Dialysis

How to treat diabetic nephropathy with high creatinine except dialysis? A Diabetic’s creatinine is 7.8 with blood sugar 4143mg/ml. she felt swell and nausea. She was told to take more

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