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Chinese Medicine Treatment

Protein Reduced Effectively with Chinese Medicine Treatment

More and more patients have know about our treatment for kidney disease now. Actually we do really have good curative effect for Nephrotic Syndrome, that is due to the great power of Traditional more

Can Kidney Shrink with Creatinine 560 Have a Recover with Chinese Medicine Treatment

Can Kidney Shrink with Creatinine 560 have a recover with Chinese Medicine Treatment? To be honest, kidney shrink is the most trouble question for kidney disease patients. It can be considered as the more

Can Chinese Medicine Treatment Help Patients to Control Creatinine well

Can Chinese Medicine Treatment Help patients to control Creatinine well? We can see about that there are so many patients with kidney disease wondering about can creatinine controlled well. Most of more

I Am On Dialysis, Can You Help Me to Stop It in A Safe Way

If people started to take dialysis that is to say that their kidney damage was serious and many kidney functions not work at present. For this kind of patients that dialysis is the necessary method more

Systemic Chinese Medicine Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy

As a matter of fact that diabetic nephropathy is a very common kidney disease in nowadays, it dues to diabetes, withe the increasingly diabetes patients that diabetic nephropathy is also very common more

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