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Creatinine 4.6 after Kidney Transplant Holistic Treatment in China

Hello, my cousin had kidney transplant 3 years back. Now it got rejected and doctors suggested transplant again. At present, he has high creatinine 4.6. Could you please suggest holistic treatment in more

50 Years Old Diabetes & Stage 5 CKD with Creatinine 7.9 on Dialysis

My wife, 50 years old, is a patient of Diabetes and Stage 5 CKD with creatinine 7.9. Now, she undergoes dialysis 2 times per week. Could you please offer helpful advice for her better improvement? more

Holistic Chinese Herb Medicine for Diabetes and Creatinine 3

My father is suffering from Diabetes and creatinine 3. I heard there are holistic Chinese herb medicine that can be taken to help with his problem. Could you please offer further help? Thanks! more

Traditional Chinese Medicine to Treat Kidney Failure No Dialysis

I need help for my mother as soon as possible. She has recently been diagnosed with Kidney Failure. Could you please suggest on traditional Chinese medicine to cure her disease without dialysis? more

Where to Find Micro-Chinese Medicine for Cortical Cyst of Left Kidney

Hello, Doctor, how and where can I find Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? I am diagnosed with Cortical Cyst of left kidney (2.30×1.83×2.04 cm). No blood in more

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