How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help Dialysis Patient with Creatinine 8.3

2017-02-06 14:24

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help Dialysis Patient with Creatinine 8.3Is Stem Cell Therapy effective for Dialysis patients? How does stem cell therapy help dialysis patients with High Creatinine Level 8.3? These questions are from our mail box: Please go on reading to find the answer.

Stem Cell Therapy as an advanced treatment for Kidney Disease can bring hopes to patients. Stem cells can differentiate into new tissues and cells instead of the diseased cells and tissues in kidney. When the healthy stem cells are entered into your body, they will replace the damaged ones to work.

Why Creatinine level is still high despite patients on dialysis?

The high creatinine level 8.3 means dialysis treatment is not the better method to treat kidney disease. The creatinine level is so high, which means the kidney has been damaged severely, at the same time too many toxins and wastes build up in blood. However, dialysis can not repair damaged kidney, that is why toxins still exist in blood and creatinine level keeps high. Therefore, if you want to reduce high creatinine 8.3 successfully, you should provide a favorable blood environment.

Stem Cell Therapy combined with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can meet the goal effectively.

How does Stem Cell Therapy help dialysis patients with creatinine 8.3?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims to dispel extra toxins and wastes in blood, dilating blood vessels, increase blood circulation, and provide nutrients to kidney. Gradually the medicines will repair damaged kidney tissues and restore kidney function. What is more, this therapy helps discharge toxins from blood to provide good blood environment.

At the same time, Stem cell therapy can be used to promote kidney function through creating new cells, but the precondition is that your kidneys are not dead totally. Gradually high creatinine can be reduced naturally.

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