Kidney Damage Tests

2013-12-23 03:17

kidney damage tests1. What are Kidney Damage Tests?

Tests for kidney damage mainly focus on the content of urine, and the specific contents are as follows.

- U-malb (Urinary Microalbumin). Microalbumin indicates the early damages to glomerular mechanical barrier. And the normal range is Umalb≦30mg/L.

- U-TP (Urinary Total Protein). A urine total protein test is conducted to detect extra protein in urine. When U-TP is more than 150mg/L, kidney problems may be expected.

- U-IgG (Urinary Immunoglobulin G). Large amount of U-IgG indicates that the glomerular filtration membrane is impaired seriously. The normal reference is Umalb≦8.8mg/L.

- U-TRF (Urinary retinol binding protein). U-TRF indicates the early damages to glomerular charge barrier. And the normal value is Umalb≦1.9mg/L.

- Uβ2-M (Urinary β2-Microalbumin). The characteristics of beta2 microglobulin (B2M) make it useful as a tumor marker for certain blood cell cancers, kidney damage, and difference between glomerular and tubular disorders of the kidney.

- Uα1-M (Urinaryα1-Microalbumin). It indicates the reabsorption of renal tubules, which is a better reference than B2M in most conditions.

- α2-M (Urinaryα1-Macroalglobulin). Its occurrence indicates postrenal proteinuria.

- light chainκis always the marker of prerenal proteinuria which is a common symptom of light chain disease, multiple myeloma, lymphoma and so on.

- light chainγhas a similar function of light chain γ.

- U-NAG (Urinary N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase). Urinary concentration of NAG is a sensitive index of renal tubular function.

- U-GGT (Urinary Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase). Urinary concentration of NAG is a sensitive index of renal tubular function.

- Urinary Osmotic Pressure. It is a smart index to reflect the concentration and dilution function of renal tubules.

2. Why choose Kidney Damage Tests?

It helps your doctor to know about the kidney medical condition, including:

● whether your kidney are impaired or not

● Which part of your kidneys are damaged, glomeruli or renal tubules?

● How serious is your kidney damage? The tests offer directions for your doctor to choose appropriate drugs.

● The tests find your sensitivity to current drugs and are the basis for your doctor to consider drug changes for you.

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