Toxin-Removing Treatment: A Good Choice for Purpura Nephritis

2017-09-23 16:52

Toxin-Removing Treatment is the characteristic treatment of Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, which helps lots of kidney disease patients gain good therapeutic effects. For Purpura Nephritis, it is also a good choice. Go on reading to learn more details.

The necessity of Toxin-Removing Treatment

Routine treatment is just used to relieve symptoms. But in purpura nephritis, kidneys cannot filter wastes from the blood effectively. And due to abnormal immune system, lots of immune complexes accumulate in the blood. When the concentration of immune complexes are very high, they will counteract the medication effects to kidneys. Besides, wastes can enter into kidney intrinsic cells to worsen kidneys. Therefore, if you want to get better therapeutic effects, you should clear away the wastes and toxins firstly.

Toxin-Removing Treatment, invented based on TCM, can discharge the wastes from the blood and kidney intrinsic cells. In addition, it can dilate blood vessels, remove blood stasis, improve blood circulation, and make oxygen, nutrients and other active materials arrive at kidneys so as to help them recovery.

The therapeutic effects of Toxin-Removing Treatment for purpura nephritis

After several days of treatment, you can see the floc in urine, which shows wastes and immune complexes left the body. Besides, high blood pressure will be stable gradually, Proteinuria and Swelling will disappear, you can sweat a lot and feel energy, etc.

Here we share a real story of a girl with purpura nephritis. After six days of treatment, the red spots on her legs disappeared gradually. After 8 days, her proteinuria reduced to normal from 2+. Through about one month of treatment, various levels of kidney are normal, and she can restore to normal life from purpura nephritis.

Toxin-Removing Treatment: A Good Choice for Purpura Nephritis

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