How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Shrink Kidney 4cm in PKD

2017-03-25 11:25

As we all know, PKD is a genetic disorder which bothers the patients. Well then, how to treat it naturally? How does Toxin-Removing Therapy shrink kidney 4cm in PKD?

Jahon is a Polycystic Kidney Disease patient, whose sister is also PKD patient. His sister controlled the Kidney Cyst with systemic Toxin-Removing Treatment in our hospital. So he also decided to take treatment in our hospital without hesitate, which got support of his family.

Two days later, they came here. The test result showed all levels were normal, except the enlarged kidney due to Kidney Cyst.

According to his specific condition, the systemic Toxin-Removing Treatment was made for him, including Maikang Mixture, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and Foot Bath Therapy so as to inhibit the progression of cysts, inactivate the epithelial cells of cyst and accelerate cystic fluid secretion to make these cysts shrink from the root.

Through about ten days of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, these kidney cysts shrunk a lot and the ultrasound showed his both kidneys were 161×90×74mm and 170×93×81mm respectively.

From the comparison photos, we can see clearly his both kidneys shrunk 4cm. The both kidneys were 178×88×70mm, 189×97×88mm before treatment.

How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Shrink Kidney 4cm in PKD

We hope all Kidney Disease patients can find out the suitable treatment for you and then take treatment following the doctor’s suggestion. Any information if you have, please consult ONLINE DOCTOR freely or leave message below or send email to us.

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