Natural Remedy for PKD Patients without Surgery

2016-12-30 16:49

Natural Remedy for PKD Patients without SurgeryAs we all know, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) can not be cured, but we can take proper treatment to improve our life quality with less side effects. What should PKD patients do to treat the condition? Is it Natural Remedy or Surgery?

Generally speaking, with the enlargement of cysts, patients will suffer from more and more complications, such as back pain, hematuria, high blood pressure, etc. Surgery is the most common treatment for PKD patients. When the cyst is more than 4cm, patients usually are asked to take surgery. It can help remove cysts and help patient live relatively high quality life. But it only can remove the big ones, and it may cause bleeding during removing cysts, so that cause infection.

Therefore, natural remedy is a better treatment choice for PKD patients.

What is the natural remedy for PKD patients without surgery?

Actually, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy of Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute can help treat PKD. It is based on Chinese Medicine. The active materials of the medicine can improve blood circulation on cystic wall, increase the permeability of cystic wall so that make cyst fluid back to blood and discharge from the body with blood. It also can inhibit the excretion of cystic fluid through inactivating the epithelial cells in cystic wall. What is more, it has the functions of repairing damaged kidney tissues and cell and improving kidney functions from the root.

All in all, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can shrink and inhibit cysts effectively for PKD patients.

If you are curious about this therapy for PKD without surgery, please leave the patient’s detailed information below or in email including name, age, gender, country, disease description and phone number/WhatsApp so that we can provide personalized service for you in time. We are here waiting to help you.


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