Recommendations of High Blood Creatinine 4.13 in Polycystic Kidney Disease

2017-10-20 16:31

Recommendations of High Blood Creatinine 4.13 in Polycystic Kidney DiseaseMy wife has High Creatinine Level in her blood test and her disease is Polycystic Kidney Disease. Her creatinine level is 4.13 and urea nitrogen is 60.9. What are the recommendations?

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What is Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)?

It is known that PKD is a genetic disorder that large and small abnormal cysts develop in the kidneys. As the growth of cysts in the kidneys, they will oppress the kidney tissues and intrinsic cells. That is why patients with PKD will suffer from back pain, protein in urine, blood in urine or other complications. Besides, with the damaged kidney function, most waste products also build up in blood, including High Creatinine Level.

Once you diagnosed with it, you had better help your relations to make sure they have this disease or not to prevent further damage and severe consequence.

What are the recommendations of high creatinine 4.13 in PKD?

For PKD, there is no cure for it, but we can take measures to control its complications and shrink the kidney cysts effectively to prevent the disease deterioration.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. As its name implies, it is a natural therapy based on TCM, which can help patients repair kidney damage, and improve renal function to shrink the kidney cysts naturally by increasing the permeability of cystic wall to excrete cystic fluid out of the cysts, inhibiting the growth of cysts, and preventing inflammation and coagulation. Along with the improved renal function, this is helpful for reducing high creatinine level 4.13 naturally.

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