Reasonable Diet for Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients

2017-01-28 15:14

Reasonable Diet for Polycystic Kidney Disease PatientsAs the saying goes, food is the paramount necessity of the people. Despite diet can’t help cure Polycystic Kidney Disease patients, it does help slow the progress of PKD and manage its complications. If you are diagnosed with PKD but haven’t developed such a diet plan, follow me to find an answer.

- Follow a low-salt diet

For PKD patients, high blood pressure is always the first sign of Polycystic Kidney Disease. Excessive salt intake can aggravate hypertension, so that accelerate the rate of PKD developing into kidney failure. In addition, salt can aggravate fluid and sodium retention.

- Follow a low-protein diet

No matter which kidney disease you have, extra protein can increase the burden on kidneys. In this case, it is extremely essential to determine how much protein you can eat. In the early stage, patients usually can take in about 0.8g/kg of protein every day. However, with the decline of kidney function, its amount should reduce.

- Drink adequate water

Some researches reveal that water can help manage PKD symptoms like urinary tract infections and slow down the progression of PKD, so patients should drink more water in the early stage. However, if their kidneys can’t produce enough urine or they have Swelling, they may need to limit the fluid intake.

- Intake correct amount of potassium

PKD is one disorder resulted in renal tubular cells’ abnormal proliferation, so blood pressure usually increases in the early stage. In this case, foods high in potassium can help fight against the effect of sodium on blood pressure, so as to lower hypertension. Watermelon, orange, lemon, kiwi fruit, etc, are all rich in potassium.

In a word, we can not give personalized advice for certain patients, because their illness condition changes from case to case. What is more, timely and proper treatment is the essential option for PKD. If you want to learn more details about the treatment, you can consult ONLINEN DOCTOR at any time.


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