PKD Patient from Spain and Magical Chinese Medicine Treatment

2017-10-08 17:07

PKD Patient from Spain and Magical Chinese Medicine TreatmentIt is known that PKD is a genetic kidney disorder, and most patients are desperate. Good news is magical Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments can bring you hope.

Here is a PKD patient from Spain took Chinese medicine treatments in China, Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute. There is a brief dialogue between doctor and the patient.

D: Why do choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment for PKD?

P: “I am very interested in this mysterious country, China. I know panda, Tai Chi, dumplings, ancient emperors, etc. But the most impressed is the culture of TCM.”

D: When did you know your illness condition?

P: I was diagnosed with PKD after marriage for a short term. In order not to affect to be a mother, I took treatment actively in hospitals of Spain. But the results were not ideal.

D: How do you find our hospital?

P: By chance, I saw an Asian also waited in line to take up the test reports like me. After a simple dialogue, I knew the person was from Hong Kong, China who knew the Chinese medicine well. She told me that even root leaves of plants can treat diseases. And then, I inquired lots of information about Chinese medicines via Internet. I thought that on the Internet, it is hard to find the information of traditional Chinese medicine in Spanish, but I never through that there really have introduction in Spanish. Through the phone number on the web page, I contacted your hospital.

D: What do your families think about your decision?

P: My mom and my husband know that I want to come to China and receive TCM treatment. They are very supportive and would like to come to China with me.

D: What are your feelings after taking Chinese medicine treatments?

P: I fell better now, my appetite improved, urine volume increased, kidney cysts are shrunk and back pain disappeared well. I like this therapy- you called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is amazing. Foot Bath Therapy also is comfortable.

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