He Comes to China Fortunately

2015-12-15 16:20

He Comes to China FortunatelyThe male patient, Egyptians, 49 years old, polycystic kidney disease, fathered two sons and a daughter, the family has a family history of polycystic kidney, my father died of polycystic kidney, 3 brothers and 1 sisters are also in dialysis.

Patients with polycystic kidney and increase bilateral renal calculi, left kidney cyst maximum 44*45mm, maximum right kidney cyst 42*41mm due to kidney cyst enlargement, patients often feel pain, abdominal pain and both sides also think, 829umol/L has a serious disorder, creatinine, electrolytes CO2:8mmol/L, k+: 2.9mmol/L ca:1.29mmol, lower extremity pitting edema in patients with moderate.

See from the appearance of patients is very weak, I depressed, because of low calcium caused by osteoporosis, he walks with a limp, his complexion is dark, not shiny, to the hospital after the doctor emergency expert consultation in our hospital, on his body to do a systematic examination, to know his illness he said the heavier although there are many difficulties and challenges, but the treatment of this kind of disease has a very rich experience, after consultation, for patients to develop the most suitable for his plan, in order to save the patient, without delay, in order to meet the desire of patients to avoid dialysis, we must do our best.

The characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, four treatment, the patient was admitted to hospital for 5 days, the doctor for the review, the results were unexpected, the creatinine from 829 to 687umol/L, electrolyte also got a good correction, patients with such a curative effect can not believe, Chinese medicine treatment is amazing, the patient finally revealed a smile. It's more firmly in his faith in our hospital. The next month is a surprise, a few times to review his creatinine continued to decline, the patient's creatinine decreased to 560umol/L, a decrease of nearly 300, 21MMOL/L CO2, 3.6MMOL/L K, 1.77mmol/L. ca. Before the patient always thought that their legs edema is because they do not walk will be swollen, has lasted for several years, has become accustomed to, do not think this problem will be resolved. The last review of the results, the right side of the largest cyst dropped to 36*34, the left of the largest cyst is 38*34mm, the stone has become small, the patient is said to be really not regret to regret to come to China, do not regret to come to Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. Personally verified the Chinese medicine really can treat kidney disease.

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