Recovery Experience: A Dialysis Patient from Somalia

2017-08-21 16:47

Recovery Experience: A Dialysis Patient from SomaliaThis is a Kidney Failure patient on Dialysis when he came to our hospital. He had decreased urine before treatment. While after about 15 days of TCM treatments, his illness condition had great improvement. The following is the brief dialogue between doctor and the patient.

D: You have received treatment in our hospital, right?

P: Yes.

D: So could you please give us a brief introduction about yourself such as where are you come from? What is your name? How about your disease history?

P: Well. I am Osman from Somalia. But currently I live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In fact, I was sick for almost ten years now.

In the beginning I have high uric acid. Later I developed High Creatinine Level. Doctor there put me on Dialysis for about one year now. During that year, previous years, my condition was a little urinating almost. Before I start dialysis, it used to decrease. Doctor said there no other solution except to put me on dialysis.

During the dialysis, there was less and less urine. In addition, I have also high bp.

D: How you find this hospital?

P: I find to the Internet. I check the kidney disease hospitals over the world. When I check the website, I find this hospital suitable for me.

D: We want to know what attracted you to come to China.

P: Yeah. What attract me is that they are using different technique with Chinese medicines. Like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

And they teach me how to check the urine. The volume I feel increased from the beginning I am here for 15 days and my condition has improved a lot. I have benefited a lot and I really appreciate the tech and everybody all the doctor and nurses here.

D: And one more things I want to ask you since you said before you go to the wash room during the night may be three times. How about the day time? Before and now?

P: Before day time I don’t urine at all. Before sometimes I go to the toilet, only I tried to give urine myself to force out. But now I come back to normal and I feel I have to urinate normally. I am lucky to accept Chinese medicine treatments for my condition to improve my renal function and illness condition.


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What is the duration if I receive this treatment in your hospital?
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How can I go to your hospital?

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