Remote Consultation for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients in Shijiazhuang

2015-12-14 14:29

Remote consultation for diabetic nephropathy patients in ShijiazhuangKidney disease experts of Shijiazhang Kidney Disease Hospital and East Greenland kidney hospital through the remote diagnosis system recently, and for Mackaye from Columbia and he is 70 years old diabetic patients with Mackaye nephropathy, again consultation.

Mackaye has 12 years history of diabetic nephropathy, high blood pressure, heart disease and other complications, the condition is more complex. For a long time by the drug and dialysis stable condition, to maintain life.

Not long ago, Columbia local doctors told him, in his case, at most, there are two years of life, with the infinite love of life and the love and hope of Chinese medicine, Mackaye, accompanied by her daughter came to the Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital.

Before coming to China, my father has been in the treatment, he will do the 3 dialysis a week." Mackaye's daughter told reporters, Dad's mentality has been very good, although the development of dialysis can ease the disease has not brought about better, but he has never thought of giving up, he is a person who loves life, always told me that he still has a lot of things to do, Ill let him more cherish every day alive." Until one day, the doctor told him that his situation may have only two years of life. He has been a negative for a while, and then thought of the traditional Chinese medicine he always wanted to try.

"To the hospital soon, the hospital for us to organize a remote consultation, and Shanghai and Beijing experts together to develop a treatment for my father. Since hospitalization, we have personally verified the traditional Chinese medicine treatment and magic, the father of the legs of the swelling has disappeared, the disease has been improved and controlled, is gradually getting rid of dialysis." Mackaye's daughter told reporters, a few days ago, my father passed the hospital's efficacy evaluation, the doctor told us that we have been discharged home, but my father would like to consolidate a short time. We express our own ideas, the hospital will arrange for us to the consultation, said that there will be targeted for the development of consolidation treatment plan, for the father after discharge from the body to play the foundation, to prepare. The hospital for our sake, really let us very moved."

Through the video, the two kidney experts asked about the status of the Mackaye, sharing the patient's medical records, inspection and testing data, according to the test indicators to understand the current situation of Mackaye, and to discuss. Then the two experts to exchange the diagnostic opinion, for the patient to develop a detailed consolidation of the treatment regimen and diet program. After more than one hour of diagnosis, remote consultation ended.

Micro-Chinese Medicine is good for patients. If you have any question please ask email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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