Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: Unique Therapy for Diabetic Nephropathy

2017-08-07 14:39

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: Unique Therapy for Diabetic NephropathyMicro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is unique and effective for kidney disease. In this article, we share a real story to you. This is a Diabetic Kidney Disease (Diabetic Nephropathy) patient, aged 61.

His name is Charles, and he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy, Renal Anemia, Renal Hypertension, Hyperuricemia, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy caused by more than 20 years of Polydipsia, Polyuria, Polyphagia. Besides, he also has Proteinuria for 10 years.

When he came to our hospital, he was weak and fatigue. After knowing his illness condition from the test reports made in our hospital, our nephrologists made a personalized treatment plan including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, and Enema Therapy on the basis of TCM.

Through about one month of treatment, his condition had greatly improved. Blood pressure reduced to 120/80mmHg, hemoglobin 110g/L, red blood cells count 3.69*1012/L, proteinuria 1+, serum Creatinine level reduced to 470umol/L and uric acid 114umol/L.

With the help of these natural treatments, his severe edema on lower extremities also disappeared naturally.

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