Excellent Case of Chinese Medicine

2015-12-09 16:36

Excellent Case of Chinese MedicineMeim is 46 years old and born in Mauritania.he had married.his legs appeared to edema.blood pressure 140/95mmHg; chronic facies. Blood red blood cell count: 4.27 * 1012/L, hemoglobin 113g/L. Urine protein: 1+ + Occult blood. Electrolyte: total carbon dioxide 14.6mmol/L. Kidney function seven: urea nitrogen 14.0mmol/L, creatinine 400umol/L, uric acid 585umol/L. Parathyroid hormone 236.4pg/ml. Lipids: triglyceride 2.89mmol/L, total cholesterol 5.73mmol/L. Abdominal color Doppler ultrasound: double renal diffuse lesions of the right renal cyst. According to: female, 46 years old; 6 years ago the lower limb edema, blood pressure 130/80mmHg, blood routine: red blood cell count of 4.87 x 1012/L, hemoglobin 136g/L; urine protein: 2+ - 3 years ago, occult blood; blood pressure 150/90mmHg, blood routine: red blood cell count of 4.17 x 1012/L, red blood protein 110g/L; urine general: 2+ - protein, occult blood;

Doctors made healthy diet: low salt, low fat, low potassium, low phosphorus, low purine, low protein, tonifying Qi, nourishing blood and collaterals; anemia; vitamin; correcting acid; lipid; regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism; inhibit uric acid synthesis; blood pressure; gastric mucosa protection; myocardial energy, nutrition. He took our Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and became more healthy than before.

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