Happy Life in Our Hospital

2015-12-09 16:03

happy life in our hospitalZAINAB is 35 years old, married.she is bahrainese.because he had drunk more, ate more and urined more 22 years. Creatinine had increased 3 years. He arrived into our hospital in 2015. His report of checking body indicts that blood pressure 150/90mmHg, heart rate 72/min. Lower limbs not have edema. Blood routine examination is: red blood cell count 4.66×1012/L,hemoglobin 94g/L;routine urine test: glucose 6-phosphate 4+,protein 2; 24-hour urinary protein quantity 1.87g;fasting blood-glucose 19.9mmol/L;electrolyte:Na 131mmol/L,total carbon dioxide 17.0mmol/L; Renal function seven: urea nitrogen 18.3mmol/L,creatinine 487umol/L,trioxypurine 407umol/L;parathyrin 539.7pg/ml;Abdominal sufficiency: double kidney diffuse lesions and bilateral renal atrophy.

After arriving at our hospital, he accepted the treatment of Qi, blood circulation and dredging collaterals was given to correct anemia, inhibit uric acid synthesis, regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism, correct acid, blood pressure, improving myocardial blood supply. After 29 days of treatment, improvement of patients before admission, blood pressure decreased from 150/90mmHg to 120/80mmHg, hemoglobin increased from 94g/L to 125g/L; admission urine: glucose 4+, 2+ protein, occult blood +, discharge urine: 1+ protein, occult blood; parathyroid hormone PTH 539.7pg/ml down to 280.0pg/ml, fasting blood glucose reduced to 19.9mmol/L 5.3mmol/L, and insulin day a total amount of 36 units a day to reduce the total amount of 26 units; urine at night 3-4 times to 0-1 times, double knee pain, increased appetite, tiredness disappear, active to go out for a walk, in one week after treatment were not in the elevator, but to climb the stairs. 

If you have any question please email to huaxiainstitute@hotmail.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

What else you want to know:
How can I get this treatment?
How can I get this treatment in my countries?
How much does this treatment cost?
What is the duration if I receive this treatment in your hospital?
What should I prepare to your hospital except visa?
How can I go to your hospital?

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