Patient from Afghanistan Gained Health Gradually

2015-12-07 16:34

Patient from Afghanistan Gain Health GraduallyKARIMULLAH born at Afghanistan, 38 years old,he had married. He got into hospital because of double kidney stones and accepted “laser lithotripsy and stone” many times, however,he did not improve obviously. He has some symptoms such as headache,nausea and emesis, his inspection reported blood pressure 240/120mmHg; blood routine examination: Hemoglobin 115 g/L,red blood cell count 3.65×1012/L; routine urine test: egg white +, occult blood 2+. Kidney function: creatinine 570umol/L.trioxypurine 350umol/L. Both kidneys had calculus frequently. He had kidney transplant three years ago, however,he had kidney failure gradually.

He arrived at our hospital and laboratory report said: blood pressure 180/110mmHg; heart rate 78/minutes, there are 20 cm surgical cicatrix in surgical cicatrix. laboratory report indicts that hemoglobin 60g/L,red blood cell count 2.35×1012/L; electrolyte: potassium 4.95mmol/L,calcium 1.77mmol/L,phosphorus 4.25mmol/L,carbon dioxide13.2mmol/L. Our doctors give him some Medicine Osmotherapy such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath and Maikang for protecting kidney function and promoting blood circulation. Now he become healthy gradually.

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