Thanks Letter from Kidney Failure Patient's Husband

2017-05-04 15:06

Thanks Letter from Kidney Failure Patient's HusbandThe Kidney Failure patient was suggested Dialysis. To avoid it, they came to China from South Africa for Chinese treatments. She avoided it successfully with the improved condition, her husband wrote the following thanks letter excitedly.

Honourable: CEO Cao

            Professor Shi

            Professor Zhao

            Director Liu

I am writing this letter to thank all the above honorables together with the staff for the work they have done to help my wife.

CEO, let me give you a short brief about how we reach a decision to come to China. We were informed by doctors in our country that my wife will no longer receive any offer treatment except for Dialysis. They were unable to find out the cause of the kidney failure due to the fact that they could not perform biopsy due to low blood platelets. It is then that I decided to check on the internet if could find any hospital that can offer treatment for my wife. I found about your hospital and I spoke to Dr. Sallys, who informed me about different treatments the hospital if offering to treat kidneys. I immediately decided to come to China for the treatment.

We thank you for the warm welcome we received then we arrived at this hospital in 1 April 2017. CEO, there is a time that I will always remember and share with the people in my country, when my wife was sick and was admitted at ICU. This time was supposed to be the very difficult time for me as a person coming from another country without any family member for a support.

But the support I received from nurses, doctors, and professors during that period is immeasurable. Thanks for that, to have doctors who are so dedicated to their work. From this, I learned that doctors from this hospital are well trusted doctors and they live the call and being a doctor in their hearts.

Thanks Letter from Kidney Failure Patient's HusbandCEO, when you visited my wife in her ward after she came back from ICU, you do not know what impact that visit was in her condition and in my life. It told us we were not alone in this fight. The doctors and professors, you were among us, it gave us strength, confidence and hope…You gave us during this visit saying your hospital will do the best to help my wife, was coming from the man of his word, a proof today is that my wife can walk, can eat, sleep and her High Creatinine Level was drop.

Thanks for everything.

As a family we really thank you for the help you have given us, we extend our thanks to the doctors, nurses, and professors.


3rd May 2017

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