How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Control Systemic Edema from the Root

2017-04-28 17:26

Nowadays, Toxin-Removing Therapy becomes more and more popular at home and abroad. Increasing foreign patients come to China for a try. See, how does Toxin-Removing Therapy control systemic Edema from the root?

This is an Oman patient with systemic edema when he arrived at our hospital. He is 42 years old this year.

Looking the change of abdominal girth and lower leg circumference

How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Control Systemic Edema from the Root
How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Control Systemic Edema from the Root

Before treatment, his abdominal girth was 109cm, and the right lower leg was 38cm. After treatment, the abdominal girth reduced to 102cm, lower leg reduced to 35.6cm.

Actually, in Kidney Disease, kidneys have been damaged seriously, thus they fail to keep protein effectively, some protein leak out in urine, causing pressure difference. Gradually, edema appears.

Therefore, the proper treatment should focus on repairing kidney damage and protect kidney function from further lost and gradually improve kidney function. But western medicines cannot achieve the above goals. Here we recommend Toxin-Removing Therapy, which can not only remove the toxins and wastes out of the body but also can repair kidney damage and improve kidney function.

Among the systemic treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath Therapy, and Foot Bath Therapy are the most popular by patients.

For Osmotherapy, the patient said it was like a message and could be done during he had a sleep comfortably.

To sum up, only make the kidney work again can symptoms like edema and Proteinuria disappear completely. If you want to know more information on Chinese treatment, you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly or leave message in the below form or email to Have a great day!

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