How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Relieve Protein 4+ Fundamentally

2017-02-19 16:35

How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Relieve Protein 4+ FundamentallyIn relapsed Nephrotic Syndrome, can protein 4+ become negative? Toxin-Removing Therapy based on TCM can help relieve protein 4+ naturally. While, how does toxin-removing therapy relieve protein 4+?

Mr. Lin comes from Guangdong province, China. Six years ago, due to Edema in his legs, he came to the local hospital for checkup that showed 24UPr was 7.3g. And then he took renal biopsy, the diagnosis was FSGS.

During the six years, the edema and protein in urine relapsed again and again. Through the communication with him, we found that the reason his condition relapsed is that diet and infection problem.

When he came to our hospital, his weight was 72.8kg, protein in urine test was 4+, occult blood 1+ and 24UPr 9.51g.

How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Relieve Protein 4+ Fundamentally

His condition was extremely serious, because there are too many toxins without cleansing and bad life habits increased the burden of kidney.

According to his illness condition, we made personalized treatment plan for him. Toxin-Removing Therapy was the main treatment. With the help of this treatment, the accumulated toxins and waste products in blood will be discharged from the body by urine, excrement and skin.

After about half of month’ treatment, his weight declined 12.6kg, and 24UPr reduced to 0.42g. This time, protein became negative.

How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Relieve Protein 4+ Fundamentally

Mr. Lin was satisfied with the result of treatment and happily said that he would pay attention to the diet, especially the fish and other sea foods, in case too much protein in the body increases the kidney burden.

How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Relieve Protein 4+ Fundamentally

You need to know that only if you eliminate the toxins and wastes of blood out of the body, can these medicine treatments play the effects radically. If you have any question about the treatment or Kidney Disease, you can leave message below or contact us on WhatsApp or consult ONLINE DOCTOR at any time.


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