Toxin-Removing Therapy Help Lupus Nephritis Patient Get off Dialysis

2017-02-10 14:45

Toxin-Removing Therapy Help Lupus Nephritis Patient Get off DialysisThere is a patient with Lupus Nephritis get off Dialysis radically by taking Toxin-Removing Therapy that is on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Age: 42

Gender: Female

Country: Zimbabwe

Disease Description: This patient has got Lupus Nephritis for about 8 years. 3 months ago, her creatinine level elevated to 560umol/L. In this case, she started to take dialysis. She took dialysis 2 times a week, and her creatinine level reduced a little. However, she wanted to take alternative treatment to get off dialysis because she was tired with it, so she went to China for the Chinese Treatment.

Our characteristic treatment is Toxin-Removing Therapy, which is a systemic treatment including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath etc. Gradually her high creatinine level was reduced to 242umol/L from 352umol/L without taking dialysis. Two weeks has passed, her condition was much stable, which made her satisfactory. She gets off dialysis successfully at last. We are also happy for her.

Toxin-Removing Therapy Help Lupus Nephritis Patient Get off Dialysis Toxin-Removing Therapy Help Lupus Nephritis Patient Get off Dialysis

If you also want to get off dialysis naturally and live a better life with family or know more information about our hospital, you can leave message below or contact ONLINE DOCTOR for free.


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