Effective Chinese Treatments: Reduce Creatinine in Kidney Failure

2017-01-24 16:11

Many patients are suffering from Kidney Failure with High Creatinine Level and taking treatment with little effects. Do you know why? If you don’t find the underlying cause, the condition will relapse again and again once you stop the medicine. In the following there is a similar case. But the patient got satisfactory effects.

Name: Ms. Gu

Age: 34

Country: China

Disease Description: One year ago, due to cold, she got gross hematuria. The test report showed that protein was 2+, occult blood 3+. After half a month of treatment, the condition had no improvement, so she left hospital.

Treatment Processes: She continued to treat the disease and went to famous hospital in the local. The doctor suggested her take biopsy, she refused and left hospital.

And then she came to a Chinese Medicine Hospital of Beijing. The result of examination was protein 3+, occult blood 3+, Creatinine 134umol/L, 24UPr 2.148g. This time she had no choice but to take biopsy, she got diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure. Taking Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy for half a month, reexamination result was protein 2+, occult blood 3+, Creatinine 126umol/L, which had little improvement. She just had to leave hospital.

After the treatment of several hospitals, she came back to Hunan taking hormone treatment. Two months later, protein became 1+, occult blood 2+, and Creatinine 100umol/L…

Finally she came to our hospital.

Natural Treatments in Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute:

We given her a systemic examination which showed Creatinine 115umol/L, BUN 11.0mmol/L, urea acid 420umol/L, occult blood 2+, 24UPr 1.33g with anemia.

Effective Chinese Treatments: Reduce Creatinine in Kidney Failure Effective Chinese Treatments: Reduce Creatinine in Kidney Failure

Because she taken hormones for a period, it is impossible to get away all hormones, Therefore, we let her take Chinese Medicines with hormones. The leading treatment is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy that is one of our characteristic treatments. Through increasing the permeability of skin, applying the channel tropism of medicines and heating effects, the Chinese medicines can be absorbed with microcirculation system through vein, so that achieving the aims of dilating blood vessels, activating circulation, removing stasis and discharging toxins in blood.

Effective Chinese Treatments: Reduce Creatinine in Kidney Failure

Through half of month of Chinese Treatments, Creatinine, BUN and urea acid were reduced to normal level, they are 79umol/L, 7.0mmol/L and 181umol/L, respectively. Furthermore, anemia disappears, occult blood becomes negative and 24UPr reduces. She can go home to enjoy a happy new year of China.

Effective Chinese Treatments: Reduce Creatinine in Kidney Failure

Only if you find the underlying cause of the disease and take proper treatment, the illness condition will be treated easily and effectively. Any question, you can leave message below or send email to us or contact our ONLINE DOCTOR for free.

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