How to Treat Recurrent Swelling of Lower Extremities in 15 Years

2017-01-11 17:13

How to Treat Recurrent Swelling of Lower Extremities in 15 YearsRecurrent Swelling is bothered too many patients with kidney disease. In order to treat the condition fundamentally, no matter how far, they are also willing to come. There is a patient with pitting recurrent swelling of both lower extremities in 15 years from Bangladesh. Let’s have a look at the treatment together.

Her name is NAHER KAMRUN, 47 years old.

Disease Description: 15 years ago, swelling of both lower extremities appeared without predisposing factor. Urine test showed protein 2+, occult blood -. After taking furosemide tablets, swelling disappeared. Five years ago, swelling appeared again caused by headache. Blood pressure was 150/100mmHg, protein 2+, occult blood 2+, and Creatinine level 293umol/L. Taken captopril tablets and furosemide, headache and swelling disappeared. However, nine months ago, Serum Creatinine Level increased to 448umol/L, the local doctor suggested her undergo dialysis, she refused. 11 days ago, due to nausea, vomiting, and fatigue, she had a complete checkup that showed blood pressure was 160/100mmHg, hemoglobin 103g/L, protein 2+, occult blood -, BUN 23.3mmol/L, High Creatinine Level elevated to 654umol/L, urea acid 450umol/L.

Despite taken the corresponding western medicine, the symptoms have no obvious improvement. She decided to come to China for a further treatment to improve the illness condition.

Test Reports in our hospital: blood pressure 160/100mmHg, BUN 33.6mmol/L, High Creatinine Level 672umol/L, urea acid 479umol/L.

Diagnosis: Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Chronic Renal Failure, Renal anemia, and metabolic acidosis.

Treatment: We suggest her intake low-salt, low-fat, and high quality low-protein diet. In addition, supplement calcium, iron and control high blood pressure effectively. What is more, we gave her systemic Chinese Medicine Treatments, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, and Enema Therapy so as to open the blocked meridians and collaterals, promote blood circulation, excrete toxins and wastes out of the body, and provide necessary nutrients and oxygen to damaged kidney. In this way, it can achieve repair damaged kidney tissues and protect residual kidney function from going any further. Maikang Mixture is used to supplement energy and nourish blood.

Through seven days’ treatment, the High Creatinine Level reduced to 591umol/L, BUN 32.1, urea acid 401. Meanwhile, her kidney function also is improved effectively, swelling relieved and urine volume increased with floc. She was satisfied with this result, and we believe she will be better and better in the continuous treatment.

Is there any person with recurrent pitting swelling? If you want to know more details about Chinese Medicine Treatment, please consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free or send email to us or leave message below. We will try our most to help you.


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