Proper and Effective Treatment for Multiple Cyst (PKD)

2017-01-08 16:16

It is known that the common treatment methods are renal cyst decortication and puncture and aspiration with medicines to anti-inflammation. But their biggest drawback is the easy relapse of cysts. Chinese Medicine Treatment is suggested to shrink PKD except the above two methods.

Here is a real story that a PKD patient took effective treatment for shrinking his cysts.

Name: Mr. Cai

Country: China

Age: 35

Disease History: In 1994, Mr. Cai was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) due to back pain. The local doctor suggested him to do cyst decortication. He refused and always took Oranl Chinese Medicine Treatment, but back pain relapsed again and again. To have a better treatment, he came to Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute via patient from our hospital introduction.

The first checkup when he was diagnosed with PKD showed his right kidney was 180*85mm, and the left kidney 143*72mm.

Proper and Effective Treatment for Multiple Cyst (PKD)


When he came to our hospital, his right kidney had developed to 195*115mm, and the left was 195*112mm.

Proper and Effective Treatment for Multiple Cyst (PKD)


Our expert told him, the focus on the treatment of PKD should not treat the inflammation, but shrink renal cysts. However, shrinking renal cysts does not rely on decortication or puncture, but inhibit the activity of lining cells of cystic wall.

Through modern medical research, we found PKD is closely linked with the abnormal activity of cyst lining epithelial cells. Thus the activity of lining epithelial cells has been the key in PKD treatment. Mr. Cai trusted us after this explanation.

Our characteristic treatment is Chinese Medicine Treatment. How to inhibit lining cells? We will not only take measures on Oral Chinese Medicine Treatment, but also create Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Foot Bath. Through opening the meridians and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and increasing blood flow, they can not only stabilize the survival environment of kidney, but also can inhibit the abnormal activity of cells.

After a week of treatment, the right kidney shrunk to 166*86mm, and left kidney 163*90mm. The treatment effects had preliminarily showed. While for Mr. Cai, the direct feeling for him is that his back pain was relieved and improved well.

The third checkup showed that his right kidney shrunk to 159*82mm, and left kidney 158*87mm. Mr. Cai said that he also took Chinese Medicine before, but what he did not imagine was it played effects so fast, especially Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which felt warm in back and comfortable.

Proper and Effective Treatment for Multiple Cyst (PKD)


Kidney Disease treatments must be systemic and we will do utmost to create more effective Chinese treatments so as to bring new hope for increasing patients. If you want to treat PKD naturally without surgery, please consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free or leave message below, we will do utmost to help you.


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