PKD Lead to Kidney Failure, Chinese Medicine Control It

2016-12-16 11:32

PKD,Kidney Failure,Chinese MedicineMahmud is 50 years old, male and from Irag. He was diagnosed with polcystic kidney disease (PKD) several years ago. When he visited local doctors, they all told him they could not treat him. So that his disease into Kidney Failure in the end.

His doctor just prescribed him some pain medicines and medicines for high blood pressure. However, his condition had no improvement. His blood pressure elevated to 150/90mmHg, which made him feel dizzy all day long. The blood test revealed serum creatinine 370.

Afflicted with serious discomforts, but no good treatment option, and the condition became more and more severe, so that Mahmud came to China for treatment in December 2013.

In our hospital, seven TCM therapies are used to control his condition, in which Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is the primary treatment. This therapy can stop the cysts from growing and also can shrink the large ones. More importantly, the effective medicines can stimulate the repairing of kidney structure.

After more than one month’s hospitalization treatment, he has a remarkable improvement. Appetite was improved and serum creatinine declined to 320. After discharged from hospital, he has the consolidation therapy at home. Creatinine level reduced to 290 and blood pressure declined to 120/80mmHg. Hemoglobulin level reaches normal.

He is one of the patients in our hospital, we have treated so many patients with this kind of condition before. If you want to know about our treatments for your disease, please tell us about your condition. Our experts will help you as soon as possible.

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