Reverse Moderate Kidney Damage with Protein 3+

2016-12-15 14:21

Moderate Kidney Damage,Protein 3+,Get ReverseBashaer, 26 years old, from Saudi Arabia. Her Protein 3+, proteinuria for 5 years,creatinine level begin to increase one years ago and aggravated 2 months ago.

She was diagnosed as Chronic Glomerulonephritis,stage 2 of Kidney Failure,Renal Anemia,Renal Hypertension,Hyperuricemia.

Here is the test result about her illness condition:

Blood test shows: White blood cell count 14.53 x 109 / L, Red blood cell count to 4.41 x 1012 / L, Hemoglobin 109 g/L

Urine test shows: protein 3+, occult blood +

Renal function:urea nitrogen 13.3mmol/L,creatinine 179umol/L,uric acid 442umol/L

24 hours urine quantitation 3.86g/24h

Color Doppler ultrasound: Double kidney diffuse lesions, shrunk in both kidneys

According to her illness condition, the treatment plan which made by our experts is take oral and external Chinese herbal medicine, Foot Bath Therapy and Enema Therapy to discharge toxins and protect kidney function. Use Maikang mixture to regulate blood and qi, thus to improve immunity.Given acupuncture to improve immunity.Take Medicated Bath to Strengthen the microcirculation., at the same time, give some medicines to lower the high blood pressure and cure anemia.

After treatment, the protein lowered to +, occult protein -, creatinine 178 umol/L, urea nitrogen 11.6mmol/L,Uric acid 339 umol/L, 24 hours urine protein quantitation 0.89g/24h.

The improvement of her illness condition can be found in the test result. It is really happy things for her do not have to take dialysis and hormones anymore. If you have the same question like her, or want us to help you know more about treatments in our hospital, please contact with our experts now, we will try our best to help you.

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