Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patient is Not Necessary

2016-12-10 12:07

Kidney Failure,No Dailysis,Chinese Medicine45-year-old Khalid comes to China for kidney disease treatment from Qatar due to kidney failure and do not want to take dialysis anymore.

His local doctor tells him that dialysis is the only way for him, otherwise, god can not even save him. While he believe there must have some kind of way can help him do not need to take dialysis. That is the reason why he came to China for the treatment.

What the doctor says really makes some sense. Khalid has diabetes for 16 years. In recent years, his kidney damage occurs. In recent three months, serum creatinine level continues to rise and in February his creatinine level amounts to 846umol/L. Long term of diabetes and sudden decline of kidney function both requires dialysis. However, Khalid refuses dialysis.

His kidney function is deteriorating initially. His urea nitrogen is 30.4mmol/L, serum creatinine level is 923umol/L and creatinine clearance is 11.18ml/min.

By inquiring the case history, our doctor finds that serum creatinine level is not only high but also it increases very quickly. Khalid does not want to take dialysis so he is seeking for alternative ways to help him alleviate his medical conditions.

Actually dialysis is not the only way for uremia, there are other remedies which can cleanse toxic and waste substances in blood. Chinese medicine treatments can remove toxins from the blood and improve body circulation so as to achieve the purpose of controlling medical conditions.

Chinese medicine treatments have many ways to discharge toxins from the blood such as oral traditional Chinese medicine, hot compress therapy, foot bath and enema therapy, etc.

After one week of treatment, Khalid is very excited. This is because the lab reports show that his urea nitrogen and serum creatinine both decline. With the decline of serum creatinine level, his medical conditions get controlled radically. If he continues treatment for some time, his kidney function will recover continuously. That is to say, he do not need to take dialysis for his treatment.

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