Can Kidney Failure Patients be A Mother

2016-12-09 11:28

Patient Stories,Kidney Failure,Chinese MedicineSo many kidney failure patients are wondering about that, do they have chance to be parents? If you have the same quesiton, please read about this real case in the following.

REAM suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome and she has no menstrual cycle at only 20 years old. The doctor tells her that is because absent ovulation causes menstruation.

Therefore, REAM begins a long time of treatment. She is prescribed Cetrotide and gonadotropin to promote ovulation function. Unfortunately, the medications have repeat stimulation on the ovaries. REAM has hydroabdomen, which results in serious infection and finally causes kidney failure. Her serum creatinine level increases to 960umol/L.

To fulfill her dream, she puts her hope on the traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) so she comes to China.

After several times of dialysis in her local hospital, her serum creatinine level decreases to 500umol/L. In our hospital, she wants Chinese medicines to help recover kidney function and also help her to be a mother.

Her serum creatinine level decreases from 507umol/L to 441umol/L. Her kidney function gradually is improved. REAM feels very happy and has more confidence on Chinese medicine.

What' s more, she has menstrual cycle. Since then this beautiful girl is filled with smile. On a certain day she will surely be a mother. This is the unique effect of Chinese medicine.

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