Treatment Experience of a Diabetic Nephropathy Patient in Our Hospital

2016-12-07 11:45

Diabetic Nephropathy,Natural Way,No DialysisRecently, more and more patients with kidney failure were caused by diabetes. But do not worry about that too much, you still have great hope about your life.

Miller, now 45 years old, he is a bright and cheerful person from Australia. In the past 38 years he has been relying on insulin to maintain his life due to Diabetes(he was diagnosed as Diabetic when he was only 7 years old).

On 2005, he found a mass of foams in his urine, meanwhile, the blood pressure went high and even up to 200/120 at the peak. After that his disease goes worse and worse, the serum creatinine up to 1500umol/L rapidly, so he has to take Peritoneal Dialysis.

But as we all know, as a Diabetic his blood vessels are easy to goes sclerosis so he can not take long times of dialysis. What’s worse, many kinds of complications of Uremia, such as anemia, high blood pressure, nausea and lacking in strength, occurred one by one.

“You know, at the time, i really want to go out for a walk but i cannot, i even can not move, that is really painful for me.” Miller said with sadly eyes. But shortly afterwards, his eyes full of hope and said “Thanks to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, it fulfilled my hope with its marvelous treatment. And now i can walk on my own feet again.”

After a period of treat, his serum creatinine level has drop to 850umol/L, his blood pressure downs to 140/70 and other indicators also return to normal gradually. We really hope he and other people like him can back to normal life in the near future.

We are very happy that we can help patietns with kidney disease get any hope for their life. So that we will continue to develop our Chinese medicine treatment to help more and more patients in the world.

If you want to know about Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, or want to know about our treatment, you can leave us message or send email to us now. The experts will contact with you in 24 hours.

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