Get Rid Of Insulin Therapy with Chinese Medicine Treatment

2016-12-05 11:39

Diabetes,Get Rid of Insulin Therapy,Chinese Medicine TreatmentInsulin Therapy for diabetes is good and effective, but also painful at the same time. If you want to get rid of it, please read about this real case.

Patient name: Dean

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Country: Canada

Diagnose: Steroid Diabetes

Dean is going to come back to Canada and ends nearly one month of treatment in China. In the departure time, we are all happy.

4 years ago, Dean was diagnosed with chronic nephritis. The local hospital applied Prednisone acetate tablets 60mg once per day. This is a common treatment for chronic nephritis. He took this treatment for one year. Unluckily, he was found that fasting blood-glucose is 29mmol/L and was diagnosed with steroid diabetes. That is the begining of the life of insulin injection in the morning and evening.

The dosage is increasing and weight also begins to increase significantly. Although symptoms of kidney disease are well controlled, insulin injection every day bothers him very much.

Dean has such a doubt: without steroid, kidney disease cannot be treated. However, if steroids are used, diabetes occurs and then insulin injection have to be done every day.

In order to have a good curative effect without insulin he came to our hospital. At the beginning, he also does not believe our treatments since external application of Chinese Medicine is different from oral medicines in his imagination. But two days later, he does not think like that because he sweats a lot.

The aim of treating kidney disease is to cleanse immune complexes depositing in kidneys. We apply oral medicine, external application of Chinese medicine, Chinese Medicine Foot Bath and Steaming Therapy, etc.

When he leaves our hospital, his weight becomes 81.3kg from 87.2kg. Another good news is that because of the hormone decrement and regulatory effect of Chinese Medicine, he has eliminated insulin injection.

If you are facing with the same condition with him, maybe there is a new chance and hope for you. More information about Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, you can consult to ONLINE DOCTOR, or contact with us through the follwing ways. We will try our best to give you the best help.

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