Children with FSGS Can be Reversed Over Here

2016-12-02 11:07

Children with FSGS,No Kidney Transplant,Chinese MedicineFor a 6 years old kid that kidney disease for him is really terrible and common treatment with hormone will bring so many damage on his growth. That is the reason why we prefer to use Chinese medicine treat for Children with FSGS.

Awat is a six years old boy from Iraq. On Aug 3th,2015 he was admitted into our hospital for the first time. He is a FSGS patient and suffered from edema and protein urine at the same time. Then, the routine urine test showed that urine protein 2+, occult blood2+.

In his local hospital the doctor recommended him to take renal transplant, while the condition of him decided that he can not take transplant at that time. And we have to say, transplant for such little kid will bring too much hurts.

In order to give him a better life, his parents decided to bring him to China to try some Chinese Medicines.

In our hospital, the doctor made him a personal treatment plan according to his own disease condition. The treatment plan includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine and Maikang Mixture. After 27 days treatment, his 24 hours urine protein quantitation decreases to 0.35g/24h, the routine urine test showed that urine protein +, occult blood -.

After he discharged from our hospital, our doctor prescribed him three months Maikang Mixture to consolidate the curative effect. After 2 months later, his parents told us that no more proteinuria for him now, so that there is no need for them to worry bout relapse of his disease.

If you want to find some natural treatment for your kids without kidney transplant or dialysis, you can leave us a message or send emial to us. Experts will help you and your kids as soon as possible.

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