How to Avoid Relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome for Juvenile without Steroids

2016-11-28 14:05

Nephrotic Syndrome,without Steroids,Avoid RelapseNephrotic Syndrome is common to see in juvenile, common treatment will have side effects on them which affect the growth of them. Now we use Chinese medicine treat for them and help to avoid Steroids.

Name: Xiao Chong

Gender: Male

Age: 16 years old

Country: China

Diagnose: Nephrotic Syndrome

Patient Word:

Xiao Chong is a 16 years old boy from Shandong Province in China. About 3 years ago, he was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome due to swelling all over the body, but his disease got relapsed frequently although he kept taking the steroid treatment. In order to get the systematic treatment, he came to Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute for the Chinese medicine treatment. Let’s see what happened to him after taking the Chinese medicine treatment.

When Xiao Chong came to our hospital, his proteinuria was as high as 4+, and he was taking 6 tablets of steroids at that time. The expert over here explained that:

According to his own case, our expert team made a systematic treatment plan for him, it included the Immunotherapy and Four One Chinese Traditional Treatment. These therapies aim at regulating his immune system, removing immune complexes out and stopping the immune reactions in body. Then it can stop the nephrotic syndrome.

After about 2 weeks’ treatment, both of his proteinurie and hematuria became negative. 3 months later, his urine test reports showed 24 hours’ protein in urine was 0.1 g. Up to now, his disease was not relapsed, and lived a normal life with the NS.

As a matter of fact, Nephrotic Syndrome can be cured with Chinese medicine treatment in some time. If you want to know more about treatments in Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, you can consulte online doctor or contact with us in other ways which I have show in the following. Our experts will give you the best answer as soon as possible.

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