PKD lady from Florida for Our Treatment and Good Result

2016-11-26 11:08

PKD,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,No TransplantDo not always think kidney transplant can deal with everything for your disease, do not think there have no other choice for your disease. See about it, you will find something different.

Name: Ms Karen

Country: Florida, United States

Age: 5X

Diagnosis: Polycystic Kidney Disease, PKD for 10 years, stage five kidney failure

Start of treatment: Auguest, 2012Condition:Karen, from Florida, has polycystic kidney disease( PKD). She has known about this for about the last 10 years. And only in the last six months, she found out that she was getting close to stage five kidney failure. It caused her to start researching the available treatments. At that time, the biggest cyst on the left kidney is 78*61mm, the one on the right kidney is 81*48mm.

And what she found out was there was no real treatment for PKD in the US. Or just wait, until her certain blood levels get really bad and then finally she goes on dialysis or gets a kidney transplant. Karen felt just like everyone else and apparently normal, with no severe pain and discomforts. However, she was smart enough to know that she had to treat her PKD without any delay as she realizes her next options already.

Treatment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 2 treatments of Immunotherapy

Condition after treatment:“I call it a nice experience but very challenging experience. And you really have to keep thinking about the fact that no one else around you is doing this. We have no alternatives, especially if you have PKD. Thanks God, the miracle just happens on me, after around a month of treatment, the biggest cyst on the left kidney is shrinked to 49*61mm, the biggest one on the right kidney is shrinked to 52*48mm.”“I would like to share my experience and happiness with you. No matter how frustrated you are, just like I said, keep good attitude and remember why you are here.” said Karen.

We also feel happy that we can use our treatment and our efforts to work for more patients, help them to have a much better life. If you want to have a try about our treatment for PKD, or you want to know more about Chinese medicine treatment, please tell us. We will give you the reply as soon as possible.

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