PKD Patient with ESRD, Chinese Medicine Work for Them Well

2016-11-21 10:46

PKD,ESRD,Chinese Medicine,Huaxia Kidney Disease Research InstitutePKD without effective control is eaaily to lead to kidney failure which we can also named as ESRD. But do not worry about is too much, we can help you.

Patient Name: Karen

Gender: Female

Nationality: USA

Diagnosed as: PKD, Stage 5 Kidney Failure (ESRD)

I've been diagnosed with PKD for about twelve years. And six months ago, I found out that my disease has progressed into Stage 5 Kidney Failure. However, my doctor told me that there is no cure for it, the only way for me is to take dialysis or wait for the transplant, both of them can prolong my life span and improve my life quality in some degrees. But i refused, i want to get an alternative treatment.

I spent lots of time researching on that and i finally get to know there is a kind of Chinese Treatment can help the patient to avoid dialysis, which is known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. And finally I decided to talk to my family and friends that I really want something alternative of Dialysis or transplant. With great hope, I am here to get treatment."

This treatment is different with the normal Western Medicine, it was done without any pains, i just need to lie on the bed. And it is three times a day.

I call it a nice but very challenging experience, i am very thankful for this treatment, it gives me hope. As a PKD patient, i know it is impossible to cure it, i thought dialysis and renal transplant are the only choice for me. But now i know that there is a treatment can help me live a better life without dialysis or renal transplant. So i will insist on my treatment, i believe i can live normally with the help of such an alternative treatment.

That is all the information about this patient, now what do you want to know about the treatment or PKD. You can send us email or leave us a message to get what you want now. Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute always at your service.

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