Relapsed Purpura Nephritis Treated Well with Chinese Medicine in Huaxia

2016-11-20 11:27

Relapsed Purpura Nephritis,Chinese Medicine,Natural TreatmentI have to say, you should know more about Chinese medicine tresatment for kidney disease at present. Because you will find what you want and what you can not image.

Alien is a patient from Saudi Arabia, he has got purpura nephritis several years. He has been to many hospitals, but the curative effect was not good. Finally, he came to our hospital-Huaxia kidney disease research institute for further treatment.

At the beginning, the purpura on his legs was very severe. The purple spots became piece and also had several festers. The test reports shown occult blood was 3+ and protein 2+.

Our experts gave him a consultation timely, checked the symptoms on his body.

Later, his attending doctor, Mr. Liu, organized experts discussion: the patient’s purpura nephritis is also called allergic purpura mesangial cell disease. Due to allergy caused blood antagonism increasing and then polluted blood. When the immune function is abnormal, the body cannot remove excessive antibody, cause a lot of antibody of blood deposit on kidneys and subcutaneous and then form this disease. The common treatment just dealt with symptoms of purpura nephritis, not for polluted blood. So the condition always reoccur. So now we had to solve his uncomfortable feelings, meanwhile, helped him to remove the toxins.

Through 10 days treatment, his symptoms got relieved greatly. For his better condition, our experts decided to give him ‘four+seven’ special therapy. Eventually, one month has passed, his occult blood turned to negative, and protein turned to +-, he is so happy.

It is not really so terrible as you thought about kidney disease, as long as you have effective and suitable treatment that you can also have a normal life like others. If you want to know more, contact with online doctor or send email to us now. Best wishes for you.

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