Chinese Medicine Treatment for Kidney Failure to Avoid Dialysis

2016-11-12 16:58

Chinese Medicine Treatment,Kidney Failure,Avoid DialysisOne patient just finished treatment in our hospital. He is more healthier than before after a series of treatments. I hope you can get more power to battle the kidney disease. More details please contact ONLINE DOCTOR.


Gender: male


Country: Mauritius

Diagnosis:Chronic Glomerulonephritis,Kidney Failure

BHEEKARY SOMDUTT is a police in his country and he often take exercise in his daily life. Half a year ago,he felt pain in his waist and went to the local hospital for inspection. At that time,the blood pressure was 220/110 and the creatinine was 300 umol/L. And the local doctor took some hypotensive drugs and some treatments to control the high blood pressure and the creatinine. Besides,doctor also advised him to control the daily diet,take more rest and then his disease condition would not be worse.

But the truth is not so. After 2 months,he suffered from some severer symptoms,like nausea and emesis with the edema of lower extremity. And then he took the second check. His blood pressure was 190/110 and the creatinine level was 4000 umol/L according to his oral account. For this case,the local hospital took emergency Kidney Dialysis three times a week and suggested some oral drugs to reduce and control the high blood pressure without other special treatments. However,patients’urine volume has decreased.

On April 19, 2014 he came to our hospital. By now,his urine volume was 100ml/day and the blood pressure was 190/110.

And then he took a careful examination:pale palpebral conjunctiva and edema of lower limbs with grey face. Primary diagnosis in our hospital was Chronic Glomerulonephritis,Kidney Failure accompanying with renal anemia,renal hypertension and metabolic acidosis.

Our experts take immediate three-dimensional blood purification and some TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) therapies to control his condition. Such as hemofiltration,hemodialysis,HFHD (High-flux hemodialysis),Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,Foot Bath,Acupuncture Therapy and oral MaiKang,etc.

Because his illness is serious,our hospital just can assure that his disease won't be worse. But the probability of reversion is small.

Some indicators of him before he leave hospital:

Creatinine 1020 umol/L,BUN 14.5mmol/L,blood pressure 130/80-140/90.

Besides,his skin is normal,urine volume is increased and the defecation is also normal.

I just hope that you can get something from his story. Please leave us your message or send us email to the following address.

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