Mystery Therapy Reduces My Creatinine From 1142 to 405 to Get Rid of Dialysis in the End

2016-11-12 18:15

Chinese Medicine Treatment,Get Rid of Dialysis,Creatinine From 1142 to 405TIMA KAEYO, 59 years old, from Papua New Guinea, who has been hospitalized in our hospital this month for his CKD stage 5. After about 1 month therapy, his creatinine level decreased from 1142umol/l to 405umol/L. And he received our interview yesterday.

Basic info

Main Complaint: CKD stage5, Proteinuria for 5 Years, Dialysis for 2 months.
Curative effect for patient

Interview Dialogue

Q: What do you think about the therapies here?

A: I have never seen such a mystery therapy! Dr gave some treatments such as Herbal Osmotherapy (Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy), Acupuncture, Dialysis, Medicated Bath etc. These treatments works great in my body! I really feel I can say goodbye to dialysis!

Q: Have you ever received other treatments?

A: When I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, I flight to Philippines and the doctor told me raise money for dialysis or Kidney Transplant. I felt very disappointed, then I went to Singapore. Unluckily, the answer was same. Only two ways (dialysis or kidney transplant), you know. When I happened to find your web, Dr. Alice introduced me here.

Q: do you miss your family?

A: this hospital is my family.

Q: thanks very much for saying that. Your loverly daughter and son?

A: I am here and around with Jone (TIMA’s doctor) and Kikco (TIMA’s nurse) and warm-hearted staff. They take good care of me, so I don’t miss my family when I am here. Jone and Kikco are my two daughters in China.

Q: you love here very much! Are you used to the foods?

A: Jone arranges my diet every day and Kikco cooked foods for me. So I am used to the Chinese foods and I love Chinese foods. Food is never a problem!

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