A Life-enhancing Journey to China Treated by Chinese Medicine Therapy

2016-11-06 15:02

Chinese Medicine Therapy,PKD,Renal Anemia,Renal HypertensionI think PKD patients should see about this patient' s experience, it will helpful for PKD treatment.


Gender: male

Age: 52

Country: Israel

Diagnosis: Polycystic Kidney, Renal Anemia, Renal Hypertension

Patient' s words and information:

“ Seven yeas ago, I found there is blood in my urine in a routine checkups. It is a nightmare for me. Ultrasound showed that I was attacked by the polycystic kidney disease, which is difficult to accept for me. I think I lost everything. There was no laughing at all and the only thing I possess was fear and restless.To my disappointed, my doctor told that there is no effective treatment for polycystic kidney patients but dialysis or kidney transplant. No one can accept the fact willingly, isn’t it? ” After saying that, PFAU EITAN laughed with sorrow.

“ It is only just beginning. About three years ago, my physical condition got worse, I found urine protein the first time. My creatinine level had increased into 339umol/L and my BUN was 20.6mmol/L. It is no doubt that I have to take dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future. Is the only thing I can do to wait? I don’t want to that. Finally, I found Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital and made a decision to China for treatment. I would like to do anything for my health.” We could see the determination from his eyes.

The Treatment in China

“Arriving in China, I accepted the Micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy and some Traditional Chinese Medicine decoction. I haven’t taken both of them in our location. Micro-Chinese Medicine is comfortable. It is not oral drug. Lying in bed only, you could enjoy the comfort feeling, just like massage. Without a long time, you can feel hot at the whole body, and your blood is flowing with a high speed. How powerful it is!

The same day when I use this therapy, I feel full of power and have a good appetite. The effect of the therapy is beyond our imagination.”

“After the treatment of one month, I could control my blood pressure very well. My creatinine level keep in 182umol/L and BUN is 16.4mmol/L. The biggest cyst has shrunk from early 6.7 cm to 4.5 cm. I know that dialysis and transplant are far away from me.”

“As for the service in there, it can have a compare with a five star hotel. It can satisfy all your need with the all kinds of facilities. The most important thing is you will never feel alone. The nice doctors and nurses would chat with you every day. We are a big and warm family. The time I am here is the most precious time in my life. It give me too much warmth and touch. The key is I can enjoy my healthy life again.”

We always happy patients fell satisfied with our services and treatment. See about him, maybe you want to have a try for your disease now. Please contact with us, we will try our best to help you.


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