Protein Reduced Effectively with Chinese Medicine Treatment

2016-10-11 11:03

Reduce Protein in Urine,Chinese Medicine Treatment,without HormoneMore and more patients have know about our treatment for kidney disease now. Actually we do really have good curative effect for Nephrotic Syndrome, that is due to the great power of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There is a patient which come here by himself due to that he have heard about our treatment from others. Then he want to have a try over here.

Mr. Wei is a nephrotic syndrome patient. He told us that he decided come to our hospital for treatment by himself is due to that lont time treatment make his faimily always worry about him and always make them disappont about the curative effect. So that he want to give his family a surprise. So he cooperates with doctors to make treatment plan, take oral Chinese medicine, foot bath, Micro-Chinese Osmotherapy, Hilum Therapy and so on a series of treatment for himself. Just a few days later, that his illness conditon have some different compare with before. Mr. Wei had discharged out of amounts of immune complex, he can seen the thick powder at the bottom, he felt the power of Chinese medicine. After a few days later that he took review and the result shows that all of his indexes increase, which make him satisfied and have confidence for the future treatment.

All these improvement of him should thanks for that Chinese medicine have function to treat for disease from root by cleaning toxins in blood and repair damage on kidneys. It is able to promote blood circulation and stasis to improve the blood condition in kidneys and body too.

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