How about the Curative Effect for Patient with Lupus Nephritis by Chinese Medicine Treatment

2016-10-10 11:01

Lupus Nephritis,Chinese Medicine,Micro-Chinese MedicineHow about the curative effect for patient with Purpura Nephritis by Chinese Medicine Treatment? Chinese medicine treatment treat for Purpura Nephritis can also have a good or better curative effect than other treatment. There I will show you a patient which treated in our hospital and recovered now.

Mrs. Zhou is a patient with lupus nephritis. When she just came to our hospital, there has proteinuria 3+ on her urine test, and severity swelling on her legs.

Treatment rule in our hospital is according to the real illness condition to make the most suitable treatment for them. So we treated her with effective treatment and changed the treatment plan with her condition change at any time.

Consider about that hormone treatment for her can not work well now, so our experts decided to use Chinese medicine treatment treat her disease from root.

After a period of Chinese medicine treatment, her condition has becomes better and better, the swelling on her legs has disappear, and the proteinuria decrease to 1+ from 3+. She becomes much stronger than before. We are so happy to see that she is very delightful to take the treatment.

We know about that the biggest function of Chinese medicine is to clean toxins in blood and treat disease from root. According to this, we have our characteristic treatment Micro-Chinese Medicine, Oral Chinese medicine and a series of other effective treatments for patients with all kinds of kidney disease.

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