How to Treat for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome and High Swelling Effectively

2016-04-29 14:52

How to Treat for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome and High Swelling EffectivelyHow to treat for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome and High Swelling effectively? There is a real case about a 3 years old boy with Nephrotic Syndrome in our hospital named Zhang Lele.

This patient appeared high swelling due to inflammation from two months ago. His parents had no idea about what happened to him. They send him to the local hospital, the doctor diagnosed him as Nephrotic Syndrome. Then he was took treatment in the local hospital for a month, but the symptom had no improvement, curative effect is not good, swelling is still existing.

In order to find a better treatment for him, his parents find our hospital to have a further treatment.

When he came to our hospital that his condition was very serious, our experts diagnosed him as inflammation nephrotic syndrome. Due to too much protein lost that he has hypoproteinemia, so that his swelling was very serious.

For this kind of case, our experts made a treatment plan for him. The mainly treatments include our characteristic treatment Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and some other Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital include Foot Bath Therapy and Hot Compress Therapy.

Both of those treatments are able to repair the kidney damage and improve kidney then to alleviate symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.

After a period of treatment that the little patient have a great improvement. Now he is in good condition.

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