Chinese Medicine Overcomes PKD Successfully

2013-12-23 02:32

PULAK DUTTA is a PKD sufferer who has been followed by PKD for 7 years,The occurrence of intermittent backache and blood in urine lasts 3 years.With the basic knowledge of renal disease,he knows that PKD develops into End-Stage Renal Disease sooner or later.The doctor told him that no cure is prepared for PKD patients.He could find any hope in India.Therefore,he decides to go to China.Many people hold the opinion that there is no chance for them to overcome PKD successfully.However,Chinese Medicine really do this.

Clinical Conditions Before Getting Treatment

At that time, because of the enlargement of cysts, the double kidneys got an increase in volume. Left kidney: 222×93×102mm; right kidney: 238×105×112mm; the biggest cyst on right kidney: 71×61mm; the biggest cyst on left kidney: 41×42mm; stone in right kidney: 5×5mm; stone in left kidney: 10×5mm; hemoglobin: 105g/L; triglyceride: 6.05mmol/L; ALT: 49U/L.

Some Western medicines are recommended to take to lower blood fat,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is applied to shrink the cysts and improve immunity.Meanwhile,anemia is prevented.

Clinical Conditions after Getting Treatment

After the treatment, left kidney: 214×88×100mm; right kidney: 230×100×112mm; the biggest cyst on right kidney: 66×65mm; the biggest cyst on left kidney: 41×33mm; stone in right kidney: 5.8×3.7mm; stone in left kidney: 6×4mm; hemoglobin level increased to 113g/L, triglyceride level reduced to 1.35mmol/L and ALT declined to 17U/L.

In the end,he overcomes PKD successfully and prevent PKD to develop into Renal Failure.PULAK begins to live a happy and confident life.Join us and fight against PKD together.We also have many other therapies such as immunotherapy,cupping and so on.If you are interested our therapies,Please ask our On-Line Doctors.

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