CKD Patient from America Takes TCM Treatments in China

2017-11-15 14:26

CKD Patient from America Takes TCM Treatments in ChinaThis is a CKD patient from America. He given highly recognition to the systematic Chinese medicine treatments of Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute. He got great improvement after a couples of weeks of treatment.

This following shows his feelings about the hospital here and treatment he taken. Let’s have a brief understanding together...

He said at first, “When I first came here, it was a very good reception. And the treatment was very good every day. The nurses and doctors are absolutely excellent. They feel like a family, they are very nice people. And I felt it was like at home. This China is like my another home now to me, second home.”

And then he told his illness condition before and post treatment. “I was not very well when I came here, I could not walk around very much. But after a couple of weeks of treatment, I started moving around, and walking around very well. I felt more healthier.

My Creatinine which was high has come down. And others things levels were lowed that brought to everything was good. My hemoglobin was low, it has come up now. Everything was done.”

At last, he expressed the hospital: “It was beautiful, it was very nice. I enjoyed it most of all. It does not feel like a hospital, it does not feel like a treatment, it is beautiful. It’s very good. It does like my family. Thank you very much for everything. Thank you.”

We will do utmost to help the patients here to have a better body and live a high quality life. If you are curious about our hospital and our natural TCM treatments, please feel free to click ONLINE DOCTOR or leave a message in the below form or email medical reports to us. We are here waiting for you.


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