Tell Me More Details about Stage 3 CKD Treatment

2017-11-07 11:36

Stage 3 CKD Treatment,Reverse Stage 3 CKD,Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyMost patients are confused about CKD despite they are diagnosed with the disease. Recently, a patient asked us this question: please tell more details about stage 3 CKD treatment because I want to reverse it and live well.

What does stage 3 CKD mean?

As a matter of fact, stage 3 CKD is a very crucial period for kidney disease patients, which can be reversed to stage 2 CKD and avoided the progression of Kidney Failure or Dialysis if you can take timely and proper treatments to correct it.

In stage 3 CKD, your kidney function are between 30 and 59 percent. As long as you improve your kidney function more than 50%, the curative effects may be ideal to reverse it.

What are the stage 3 CKD treatments?

In Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, the characteristic of treating kidney disease is to remove the toxins in blood. It is because if there are large amount of toxins in blood, they will greatly counteract the medication efficiency. Another feature is using TCM to restore the kidney intrinsic cells functions.

Based on these goals, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Medicated Bath, Moxibustion therapy, Acupuncture therapy and other Toxin-Removing Treatments are developed. Through cleansing the internal and external toxins of kidney cells, it can not only create a clean environment for kidney recovery, but also provide a good condition for the further medications. The specific treatments will be chosen according to your illness condition.

If you are interested in natural Chinese medicine treatments to reverse stage 3 CKD, please leave a message in the below form or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free or email medical reports and phone number to us. We will do utmost to solve your problem.


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