Oman Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Treat Condition in China

2017-10-17 17:20

Oman Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Treat Condition in China

Syadi, a Diabetic Nephropathy patient from Oman, is 35 years old this year. When he came to our hospital, he had severe Swelling in the whole body, especially his feet. Let’s have a look about the dialogue between Syadi and the interpreter.

Question (Q): Hello, Syadi. Can you tell me your disease history to us?

Answer (A): Yes. I have had diabetic nephropathy for 15 years. In the past years, I has accepted various treatments at the hospitals in Oman. But the disease is refractory, so that my condition relapsed again and again. Thanks to my families’ care, I can insist on the treatment.

Q: Ok. Can you tell us how do you know our hospital? You are in Oman, we are in China.

A: I am interested in China and these are all I collect photos of the Great Wall. And in a occasion, one of my friends talked with me in the ward, we talked about the Orient culture and “the Belt and Road”. Suddenly a question occured“is there anyone that treat disease in China?” and then i asked the friend, he introduced his friend to me. And then with their help, I applied visa to China and came to here.

Q: Yeah, there are lots of patients come to our hospital by the friends’ introduction. Well then, what do you think about Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment?

A: When I first time touched Chinese medicine Steaming Therapy, I was surprised. It felt good and make my body sweat a lot, as if every cell in the body does sports. So I asked the nurse to arrange me other Chinese medicine treatments. It is amazing! Later I also accepted Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy and Massage.

Q: Ok. After taking the treatment, what is your feeling?

A: After more than ten days of Chinese medicine treatments, my swelling disappeared, my urine output became normal, and blood sugar was also controlled. Thanks to the doctor’s treatment plan. He also arranged me to do indoor sports with nurse. It is helpful. The nurses said I am handsome now not like before—a puffy man.

In here, I make so many lovely Chinese friends. Its my unforgettable memory.

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