Kidney Disease Hospital Celebrate Eid al-Adha Together with Foreign Patients

2017-09-01 18:10

Kidney Disease Hospital Celebrate Eid al-Adha Together with Foreign PatientsOn Sep. 1, the traditional festival of Islamic-- Eid al-Adha, Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute holds a topic of “Share One Belt and Road, Spend Eid al-Adha” worship activity for more than 30 Muslim patients from Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries.

Eid al-Adha, also called Feast of the Sacrifice, is a traditional festival of Muslim. In China, it is also an important holiday for the Muslim people of uygur, kazak, uzbek, tajik, taal, kyrgyz and hui ethnic group.

This day, the International Department of this hospital is very busy. In addition to the rich foods elaborately prepared by medical staffs, there are sincere wishes sent to each Muslim patient in the morning routine ward rounds.

“This is my first time spend Eid al-Adha abroad. But this is my second time to come to the hospital for treatment. I thought I would celebrate it in the ward with family, I didn’t expect the hospital will prepare this festival so solemn. The medical staffs’ passion makes me feel very warm.” Patient Ashm from Bahrain said cheerfully, “in the next year’s Eid al-Adha, I will invite you Chinese doctor friends to Bahrain. I will welcome you with a grand way.”

Rahman from Oman introduced, he first touched TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) was in a hospital of Muscat, Oman capital, on 17th August. He consulted his health condition to the Chinese medicine follow-up team. When he knew Chinese medicines were helpful for his disease, he came to the hospital after just ten days of preparation. “I am lucky to meet the annual festival—Eid al-Adha. When my families and I are desperate to my disease, I met Chinese doctor friends, and I also spend an unforgettable festival here. I will share the holiday blessing with Oman’s families.” Rahman sincerely said.

Next, other foreign patients from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, etc, shared their own feelings one by one. The atmosphere is as warm as family gathering. All the medical staffs here wish all people recover soon.

“It has become a habit to make patients from abroad feel warm as family. During major domestic and international festivals, we will spend time with patients,” the direct of International Department, Liu Pan said, this worship activity of Eid al-Adha also attracted non-Muslim foreign patients to join. “In the hospitalized patients, some of them consulted our renal experts during the follow-up activity abroad.”

As the “One Belt and Road” activity has provided good international environment, people in the countries along the belt and road have more and more trust for Chinese medicines. We will actively practice going out strategy and widely spread Chinese medicine culture out. The follow-up medical team of the hospital has gone to Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Russia, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malaysia and other countries to hold Chinese medicine follow-up activities about 20 times, which have achieved good response.


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