India for Academia Exchanges and Cooperation: Chinese Expert Teams Set off Again

2017-03-16 14:04

India for Academia Exchanges and Cooperation: Chinese Expert Teams Set off AgainPlease pay attention: our Chinese expert teams will set off again to India on March. This time, we are aiming at exchanging academic and cooperating with the local hospitals.

The details of time and place about the expert teams’ journey are as followed:

1. On March 14th, they will arrive at Chennai

2. The next day morning, they will visit Apollo General Hospital in Chennai, in where they will hold a meeting. In the afternoon, they will hold a news conference, which representatives of both sides will introduce the characteristic treatments respectively on behalf of their own hospital and announce declaration of cooperation.

Honored guests: leading doctors in medical community, representatives of big hospitals in India, famous media, including 6 newspaper offices and 3 TV stations.

3. On March 16 to 17, experts will revisit the patients who we treated before in India. The place will be provided by Apollo General Hospital.

On March 18th evening, they will arrive at Nimbahera from Chennai.

4. On March 19, they provide services in the government hospital or dialysis center and meet the government minister and award trophy. At night, experts go to Ahemdabad.

5. On March 20 to 21, revisit the patients in Apollo Hospital or Shalby Hospital or Cims Hospital or dialysis center.

On March 21st night, they go to New Delhi.

6. On March 22 to 23, in New Delhi, the expert teams will visit New Delhi Government Hospital and large private hospitals there, meet the local government officers and senior people.

Are you clear the details of time and places in India? If you want to take part in this activity, you can choose the nearer places around you. For patients in central and southern India, Chennai is better for your. New Delhi is suitable if you are in further north of India. Please leave your contact information and full name in passport below directly or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free, in order to make an appointment for you. Good luck!

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